Residents Voice

North Yorkshire County Council commisioned Rural Arts to provide a programme of arts and activities for the 18 extra care schemes across North Yorkshire between January and July 2017. The project aimed to improve emotional wellbeing and combat isolation and lonliness. through art activities that promote social inclusion and self expression. On this project I was the lead artist, delivering over 100 workshops in care homes across the county.

Art On Your Doorstep

A good day Celebrating Age is funded by the EU social fund, North Yorkshire County Council and the Adult Learning and Skills Service.  Rural Arts is delivering a 2 year action-research project that puts into practice innovative ways to increase the participation rates of people over the age of 75 in both the organisations peforming and visual arts programme. They are working from the grassroots up, testing and delivering a range of creative interventions. The outcomes of the project will be used to influence commisioners to develop a model of delivering "Arts and Culture - On Prescription" by embedding it in clincial healthcare plans. I am a delivery artist on this project, directly responsible for devising a programme of art activities in house for an art club and within the neighbouring village halls, on an outreach basis. 

Generation Exchange

Commissioned by the Two Ridings Community Fund and The Big Lottery Fund, Generation Exchange looks at the common issues facing Young and Older audiences in Thirsk.